Dari Collection – Russian Art

Zari Gallery is proud to present a collection of Russian art from Dari Collection. Dari Collection was founded by a group of art collectors with the aim of finding young emerging talented painters in Russia and helping them with their growth, exploration and development as unique artists on international contemporary art scene.


Yolo creates deep mature artworks that reflect the theme of loneliness in different forms and fascinating spectrums of vibrant colours, sometimes mysteriously taking place in the subconscious. Most of his abstract works are very powerful and have that light from the “power center” that his works are usually built around.
His inspiration began to come during his early life, always being separated from his father, and not really knowing him. Being only 23 years old and living a completely isolated life in the Russian Ural Mountains, gifted Yolo is always very close to nature, and “living life expressing himself through him unique creative artworks.”
Yolo is a student of Russian art school under the influence of the impressionists and abstract education schools like Van Gogh, Picasso and Claude Monet. His works are in important private collections in Russia, the USA and the UK.

Marusya Ivanovich

In 1995, in the heart of St Petersburg, Marusya Ivanovich was born. From a tender age, Marusya had a revolutionary (at times rebellious) spirit. Her love of art fuelled her non-conformist view and she was often found painting graffiti on fences and abandoned buildings. This artist has now channelled her energy from derelict walls onto constructive canvases. Having developed her own unique brush strokes, her paintings are consistently extravagant and display a mastery over a wide spectrum of colours.


Born in the Ural Region of Russia, Gleb is acclaimed for his work with unconventional tools and techniques. After graduation, this twenty-two-year-old artist established a community of creatives such as himself, colleagues who would study new forms of artistic expression. Gleb focuses on the positioning of objects and converts their values to the viewer. His work illustrates the complex relationship between established traditions of painting and modern graphic techniques.


Katusha was born in a small village by the pastoral scenery of The Urals. Developing an interest from an early age, this seventeen-year-old writer enthusiastically began taking art lessons in school, working especially closely with acrylic paints. During the autumnal seasons, Katusha spent much of her time grandmother, creating wreaths from blossoming flowers and creating impressions of what she saw with paint. Over the past year, Katusha has been studying in Moscow, refining her artistic talent. Although young, Katusha has a flare of nostalgia in her work,
evoking memories of a childhoods craved from positivism, kindness and celebration.