Julien Troullier

Until it hits do what you loveRelationship between two thingsFruits of my labour to the youth of youShape yourselfHolding on for help or show Thoughts and unspoken words are lost Colour study live living roomColour study father son fishing A sip and a scribbleDont just wear the crown - use it Finding things that fit me and don't fit me Questions we hold on toThe loversDespite tragedy you are heading the right wayLet it out We hold it in Fighting for labor When colours attract Self portrait Whose thought is it

25 years young was born in Baton Rouge and raised for most of his years in Slidell, Louisiana.

Maturing beyond his years, he became a vibrant soul and later a self-taught artist.

With a medium of choice, Troullier delivers his portraits in acrylic on canvas.
Influenced by the origin of the Great Masters, Troullier keeps his art to traditionally paint brushes and canvas.

Julien paints to achieve a depth in which people fall into, drawing themselves in the image while perceiving it as if they were in that place in time.

For his paintings are far more than just pretty pictures but speak volumes in words.
With a poetic delivery, he strives to tell stories and often incorporate poems with his work that give more life for his audience to see it but also feel it.