Marian Fannon Christian

I have been lucky enough to have traveled to and live in many countries including Hong Kong, The Philippines, Indonesia, India, England and Ireland and I feel that my artistic influences come from all of those places.

My artistic career began at my home in India in 1999.  I started with small, black ink drawings which grew to very intricate coloured ink drawings on large 40 x 30 ins paper.  These very intricate works have been described as organic surrealism and often resemble fine lacework. I have exhibited and sold them throughout the world from New York to New Zealand.

–Marian Fannon Christian

“We can now look at your patient stitches, one after the other, tying secrets to poetry and colour to shape.” Benedetta Barzini

“It’s a most exquisite painting and, looking at it closely, it’s not only the superb sense of colour and design that impresses, it’s the sheer technical bravura with which you apply those sweeps of colour leaving delicious little white “snowflakes” in its wake.” Reggie Oliver