Marlé Paul

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Marlé Laurent Paul was born in Slidell, Louisiana, where she was raised along the bayous in a proud French Creole culture. It was a carefree time, rich in good music, good food and great times of laughter with family and friends- which she hopes to mimic the feeling of in her present works.

As a child, she was drawn to the arts through singing, writing poetry and listening to instruments. Early on, she was influenced by John Coltrane, Stan Getz and Vernard Johnson. Following her participation in a 6th grade art contest, she truly recognized her love for painting and drawing and began expressing her gift. She later painted part time while raising three children, the youngest of which was born with a heart defect. It wasn’t until Hurricane Katrina devastated her home in 2005, causing the loss of most of her prior writings and artwork, that she began painting full time after taking a year hiatus to run a hurricane relief site, which provided food, clothing and essentials to fellow victims.

Using her paintbrush as an escape, she referenced her Jazz favourites and the emotions they evoked and the saxophone became her signature. She is known for her abstract style, Southern Louisiana depictions and jazz musician scenes, as those often seen in her “Stixmen Series.” She hopes that when people see her work, they are freed by the intensity of colour and lost in the image, completely surrounded by peace while imagining the sounds of the instruments, most notably, the sax.