Call for Artists
Elevate Your Artistry at London’s West End with Zari Gallery!

Situated in the illustrious London West End, our gallery offers artists an esteemed platform amidst London’s most notable cultural landmarks. With seamless travel connections, it becomes an accessible haven for art connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

Our exhibitions are open to international and UK artists. 



Booking Your Ehibition

You can book your slot online or by contacting the Gallery team. Check the available dates on our exhibition page.


Submit Your Artwork

Send your art to us. If sending from abroad, ensure you allow sufficient time for delivery!


We Curate and Install

With an eye for aesthetic harmony, our professional team will install your work.

private view

We Promote

Our cultivated network, digital channels, and elite affiliations will spotlight your creations.


Gallery Vernissage

We will host a Private View. You and your guests are welcome!


Artistic Remuneration

Retain the entirety of your sale proceeds when transacting through personal channels. For purchases facilitated by our gallery, a nominal 10% is levied for operational and transactional services.

Art Return

Artwork Return

Organise the return of your unsold work. Our team will pack the work in its original packaging.


No matter what wall size you choose, our services to you will include:

  • Unpacking, Installation, Set-up, Take-down and packing your unsold works

  • Email Invitation to our extensive mailing list

  • Your exhibition on our website

  • Your exhibition on our Google profile

  • Your exhibition on several art listing networks, such as Eventbrite and ArtRabit

  • Private View

  • Promotion on our Social Media Channels

  • Professional invigilation

  • Sales support



Iconic Lotion: Our West End location is emblematic and renowned for its artistic and cultural legacy.

Global Alliances: While our roots are deeply entrenched in London’s art history, our collaborations are international, from Rome’s sculptors to Kyoto’s ink painters.

Decade of Distinction: A decade of art expertise fortifies our gallery’s legacy. Entrust your works with us for an unparalleled exhibition experience handled with utmost care and sophistication.

Choose Your Exhibition Space: Diverse Wall Options for Every Artist

Gallery Walls Diagramme

Refer to the diagram for a variety of wall sizes, each with a height of 3.5 meters. Our exhibitions span two weeks, offering flexible duration for showcasing your work. Feel free to select more than one wall to suit your display needs and budget.

Wall A1  – 0.79m  – £200
Wall A2 – 1.49m  – £380
Wall A3 – 2.16m  – £525
Wall A4 – 1.47m  – £360
Wall A5 – 1.4m  – £360
Wall A6 – 1.52m  – £375
Wall A7 – 2.35m  – £575
Wall A8 – 1.36m  – £345
Wall B1 – 6.2m – £1499
Wall B2 – 2.65m – £665
Wall B3  -1.85m  – £465
Wall B4  -2.41m  – £600
Wall B5  -1.73m  – £425
Wall B6  -1.3m – £325