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Armando Alemdar Ara – Forever and Always

March 23, 2017 - April 7, 2017

Embrace 2017

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A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Max’s Foundation – Funding research into and supporting those affected by genetic heart conditions in children.

Armando Alemdar Ara is an artist, art theoretician and co-founder of Neomodernism, an art movement that espouses spiritual and aesthetic values in art. Blurring the boundaries between the figurative and abstract, Armando invites us to immerse ourselves in his spiritual depiction of the human form. In observing Armando’s mystical imagery we discover a classic and cultivated artistic palette through which he confidently controls the expressive elements that arise in the heat of creation. Easily recognizable with the curvy shapes and rich colour sense, his pictures effortlessly create a visual harmony for the viewer. Each painting is developed from sketches and drawings which affirm his continuous search of stylized / idealized form. These are then methodically developed into the final colours, glazes and forms on the canvas. Readings on Philosophy, Poetry and Mythology remain Armando’s primary sources of inspiration.

Forever and Always is a body of work approached with a considered, subtle palette and reflective mind. There is a clear change in terms of both colour and composition where the artist is stripping back some of the layers in his backgrounds and strengthening the lyrical nature of his paintings. In contrast to prior works which have been darker, richer and earthier in tone and composition these new paintings are fresh and uplifting, with soft, lighter hues inviting the viewer into an altogether more languid, contemplative space. While there are stylistic hints of Rodin’s works on paper (like in Forever and Always: Tribute to Rodin), some expressionistic explorations (The Saviour, Eve, The Saviour II) and thematic links to Blake and Klimt, Armando’s works remain highly original in style.

In Forever and Always Armando tenders a delicate, dreamy vision of the human form and a deliberate sense of poetic narrative. There are several works depicting lovers, at times with clear and gentle certainty and at others imbued with more ambiguous, albeit amorous connotations. This uncertainty plays on us like a succession of musical notes, each possibility withdrawing and reasserting itself until the core feeling surfaces: a mysterious event, an intimate moment of love arrested in eternity. The playful but balanced composition draws the eye into the centre of the canvas at some parts and leads it away in others, creating a perfect pictorial rhythm. Every detail and glaze of transparent paint is treated with consummate appreciation of its structure and tangibility. Armando draws out through masterful manipulation of form and colour the essence of abstract notions such as timeless love, seduction, beauty and clarity of thought. However, he also depicts an inner search, perhaps a romantic examination of our relationship with another, as well as with our own being.

Ultimately, the unearthly, almost magical sensation that permeates throughout the canvases promotes a realisation that we are admitted to share a vision which effortlessly transcends the common range of human perception.


March 23, 2017
April 7, 2017


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