Who are you here to see? By Mona Chalabi – Private View

Mona Chalabi
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Date(s) - 09/05/2019
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Zari Gallery


“When we were girls, we took up space. We’d sprawl greedily across fading bus seats, we’d extend our legs out in every which way on lawns and we’d talk – constantly, loudly.

The biggest shock of womanhood was the restraint of it. I don’t take up as much space as I used to. I can’t. I have a desk, not an office. A home, but not a studio.

This exhibition is about the ways that women and people of colour are not allowed to take up space. Shoved into the background with a ‘that’s nice, keep trying’ smile. Told that we’ll be worthy of inclusion if we just keep working a little bit harder for it. By visualising the extent of inequality in art spaces, I hope to help eliminate the excuses for it.” – Mona Chalabi

This show consists of a retrospective of Mona Chalabi’s work. You will view her earliest illustrations (created in 2014) to her most recent ones (created in April 2019). This catalogue provides just a few examples of her creations.

The show will also feature a central piece of work by Chalabi, the painting “Who Are You Here To See?” as well as the work of selected artists who are not typically shown in gallery and museum spaces.

Mona Chalabi is a data journalist and artist. She translates spreadsheets into written pieces, illustrations, audio and film. Mona’s art constantly pushes the boundaries by challenging societal assumptions and habits that have come to affect the way we live and think. By using reliable data sources, she breaks down the wall between information, art and illustration.


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