Nedret Pekan

Born in Bulgaria, she later moved to Turkey, studied at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (Istanbul) where she received a BFA degree in painting, in 2013. She moved to Spain to study at the Universidad de Castilla La Mancha-Belles Artes, between 2010-2011.

She has exhibited and participated in art projects & residencies throughout Europe and Turkey. Held a solo show whose theme was inspired by her childhood memories of Bulgaria where she grew up. She currently lives and works in London.

Nedret Pekcan mainly paints in oil but also experiments with other media including acrylic, pigments, pastels and resin. Her paintings of places, figures and portraits, slip between figuration and abstraction. Nuances of colour are used to express musicality and rhythm as well as reflect on the passing of time, a theme central to her practice.

Transitions between past, present and future appear in her compositions as shifting objects, with colour and underlying gestural marks combining to create a multi-layered palimpsest.

Her compositions act as spaces wherein the visible and invisible elements live harmoniously, microcosms within macrocosms. For her, paintings are not just visual entities, but characters with their own place in the world, from the most direct, to the most introverted and all that lies in between.

Pekcan intends the viewer to respond subjectively to the painting, to create a silent and intimate relationship. She works intuitively, without adherence to a particular style and so, by allowing the process of painting to decide its outcome, she remains open to new discoveries.