Marian Fannon Christian

Tying Secrets to Poetry
18 February – 8 March 2019

Marian Christian’s art exudes a certain inner familiarity, something very fundamental, and essential. Her abstract paintings are about the organic complexities that surround us and yet are more often than not, invisible. Discovering beauty in unexpected forms and unexpected places has prompted Marian Christian to create an abstract visual language rooted in the natural world. Organic forms, morphological structures, processes are masterfully weaved within each other with an astute sense of negative space and composition.

The abstract works included in this exhibition sing with rich fluid colour and quiet energy. They are lyrical, sensuous abstractions in colours which are soft and vibrant. Through this body of work Marian Christian convinces us that even when life destroys forms, new ones will be born, unaffected and joyous in the full splendour of their forms, patterns and colours.