Renny Raphael-Campbell

New York City MeltDownThe StormTaste The RainbowMy 1st BirthdayConsumedForever MoreLondon TownBlueA Dark Shadow Threatens where Angels already FearOpen woundOpen woundFlowersLittle BangTrappedMy Love

Renny Raphael-Campbell is an abstract artist based in Islington London. Renny was born in Islington in 1968 and still lives in the area. Renny is a lover of all art with no formal training and feels that art is created and not learned. His passion lies within the abstract art field. He believes that abstract art is the most revealing and honest art form there is, as the abstract expressions left on the canvas are the artist bearing their soul to the world; this can be a very magical, scary, revealing and vulnerable place for the artist to be.

Renny believes that when we view abstract art, we are viewing the innermost depths of the artist- who is, in fact, both parents to the art that is created.

Renny loves the fact that his art and in-fact all abstract art gets people talking both in a positive and negative ways and hopes that however people view his art it leaves an impression.

“Good art, for me, is always the mergence of polar opposites, a seamlessly never-ending struggle of light and dark, calm and turmoil, peace and violence, life and death.”

Renny likes to think of abstract art is like a silent movie or classical music without sound.