Yue Gang Weng is a professional painter with a multicultural identity who challenges traditional art styles in innovative ways, exploring the possibilities enabled by different materials and mediums. He was born in Shanghai in 1958 and obtained Fine Arts degrees  specialized in oil painting from both, the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts & the Shanghai Institute of Education, sponsored by both institutions. Later, he relocated to Buenos Aires, Argentina in his mid-late twenties, where he founded the unique painting style for which he is best known “New Creation in Chinese painting”. In the latter, he fuses Western oil painting techniques and themes with traditional Chinese materials and medium: Chinese ink and  watercolour on rice paper. Albeit the traditional Chinese materials, several of the portrayed themes are rather contemporary, including figurative and abstract nude figures and abstract paintings depicting his feelings, experiences and thoughts at different stages of his life. Through his unique painting style he breaks and fuses the artistic traditions of the two contrasting cultures which define his identity. In 1992, upon the invitation of the American consul in Argentina, he taught his unique painting style as a visiting professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. Aside from his “New Creation” paintings, he is also highly skilled at painting with oil colours, watercolours and gouache on paper, canvas and murals using paintbrushes and/ or palette knives.

His artworks aim to celebrate life and our existence. They have been exhibited and praised at several locations around the world, including China, Argentina, Italy and France, where his painting “Fairy of the Mountain” was awarded the first place at the 1989 Paris New Youth competition. His acclaimed solo exhibitions in Buenos Aires, include the Museum of Oriental Arts, the (Argentine) National Rooms of Culture at the Palais de Glace, the “Salón Francés” at the French Alliance and Park Hyatt, among several others. His paintings are not only known as his personal form of expression, but also as diplomatic symbols. His painting “Southern Pearls” is permanently exhibited at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Argentina, representing the newly established friendly diplomatic link between China and the Republic of Korea since 1995. Furthermore, in 1997, his painting “Navigation” was commissioned by the Argentine Chancellery to become part of their Department of Asia’s collection.