Yurim Gough was born in South Korea, coming from a nation with a rich heritage in ceramics. She began her career in the fashion industry. By the time she turned 30, she had been working internationally designing shoes, in Tokyo and London as well as Seoul. She first came to the UK in 2007, her first experience of life outside of Asia. The language barrier and cultural change inspired her to return to her first love, art.

Having experimented with life drawing and other media, she felt the pull of her cultural roots in ceramics. By 2013, she was making bowls and sketching live models, combining the human form with the manmade form of the bowl.

Not long afterwards, Gough started to add more imagery to the bowls. She also creates vases which are like many bowls coming together. Yurim works directly on to each piece’s surface. Having a live model in front of her means the artist can combine the human pose with the artwork’s contoured surface.

The model’s lines are communicated via the rough texture of the vase or bowl on the fired, handmade stoneware using a ceramic pencil. Thanks to the glaze, the jagged lines soften, while, for some pieces, drawing is overlaid with the imagery.