Marian Fannon Christian (b. 1954) was born to an Irish family in Birmingham and taken back to Ireland a few months later, where she was brought up by her grandparents.

Until meeting her husband, Anthony Christian in 1992, art had never entered her life. However, for reasons no one could ever explain, on July 10th 1999 she came to Christian and said those immortal words: “I feel like drawing.” Marian work consistently shows that without realizing it she has absorbed all the cultures of where she has lived; Hong Kong, the Philippines and India. With no conscious intention whatsoever, aspects of these rich cultures can be seen in countless of her works.

Fannon’s art exudes a certain inner familiarity, something very fundamental, and essential. Her abstract paintings are about the organic complexities that surround us and yet are more often than not, invisible. Discovering beauty in unexpected forms and unexpected places has prompted Marian Christian to create an abstract visual language rooted in the natural world. Organic forms, morphological structures, processes are masterfully weaved within each other with an astute sense of negative space and composition.