Art of Silk Road

Art of the Silk Road

Art of the Silk Road: Tradition and Modernity in Tajikistan

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This exhibition of Soviet-era and contemporary Tajik art is organised by the Tajik Cultural Centre and Embassy of Tajikistan in London, to celebrate Nowruz, the Persian celebration of spring’s equinox.

The exhibition features some of the country’s most famed painters, whose work explores Tajikistan’s rich history, deeply influenced by its dramatic surrounding landscape. Poets, musicians and artists have for centuries been inspired by the mountains and fertile valleys of modern-day Tajikistan, situated along the historic Silk Road in Central Asia.

The artworks, which are available for sale, explore rural life and themes of poetic connection to the landscape, depicting life in all its colour. The collection is a rare chance to see Tajik artworks in the United Kingdom and will be of great interest to anyone who has a desire to learn more of the Persian-speaking world, Soviet art, Central Asia and, of course, Tajikistan.