Winter Show 2019

The 2019 Zari Winter Show welcomes an eclectic mix of artists celebrating talent, diversity and beauty. We feature a mix of our established resident artists and emerging artists from around the globe. Let your hearts be touched and warmed this winter by the vitality, complexity, and unfolding patterns that lay within each unique piece.

Zari Gallery are firm believers that Art has not only the power to inspire but also spur creativity, stir up emotion and incentivise preservation. Art is a compelling entity that serves as a means of remembrance, spiritual expression, symbolism and narrative.

This year’s Zari Galley winter show has been carefully curated to offer a memorable and enchanting experience, one that you as a collector or a curious art enthusiast would not want to miss.


Federico Casabona
Chalk, acrylic and charcoal on paper
59 x 84 cm

American Girls_New

Jenn Hudson
American Girls
Watercolor, Oil on Paper
42 x 30 cm


Kerstin Paillard
Northern Skies II
Pigments on stretched canvas
70 x 70 cm


Robert John
Acid free archival fine art paper
60 x 40 cm


Nicolas Depetris
Industrial Harbour of Kitakyshu III, Fukuoka, Japan
Oil on canvas
50 x 50 cm


Robert Van Bolderick
Moving from Chelsea
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
60 x 50 cm

Yue Gang Weng

Yue Gang Weng
Light of Hope
Watercolour and Chinese ink on rice paper
45 x 68 cm

Nedret Pekcan

Nedret Pekcan
Smiling Deer
Oil on canvas
70 x 125 cm